We hope the following links and general information provided on this website will sufficiently whett your appetite that you will want to visit the 'Land of the Pharaohs' and enjoy a Nile Cruise or Egyptian hotel-based holiday. All the literature and music offered here is original and inspired by our love of the history of Ancient Egypt. We have been travelling to this country for over two decades and never tire of the awe-inspiring sites and majestic Nile.

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On this site you will find links to all the Travel Egypt series, which include;

Travel Egypt: Nile Cruise (Paperback and Ebook) Also Book Suggestions for your holidays
Travel Egypt: Around Luxor (Ebook)Travel Companies specialising in Egyptian Cruises
Travel Egypt: Photographing the Ancient Sites (Ebook)Photo Galleries relating to Egypt
and our Travel Egypt; Eternal River Music CD (Digital Download)     Blog and Tourism pages reporting on the present situation in Egypt

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